Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a zoning permit?

All projects exceeding 150 square ft. require a zoning permit. All projects, regardless of size, must not exceed structural coverage limitations.Any grading and filling work exceeding movement of >10 yards of fill/material in shoreland requires a permit.

What is my structural coverage?

Varies, depending on zoning district, septic or sewer, and lake class. Calculated as percentage of lot area. It is the burden of the property owner to provide lot size measurements and/or survey.

Sturgeon, Island, Eleven, Twelve, Passenger, Rush Lake: 10%
Sand Lake (sewer): 20%
Sand Lake (septic): 10%
Natural Environment Lakes: 5%
*Impervious Coverage cannot exceed 25% on any lot. This includes structures and pavement/pavers.

What are my structure setbacks?

A legal survey must be completed if any property line disputes arise.

Sturgeon, Island, Eleven, Twelve, Passenger, Rush Lake, Sand (septic):
Ordinary high water level (OHWL): 100’, Sand (sewer): 75’
Bluff: 30’
Sideyard: Dwelling -15’, Accessory-10’
Road right-of-way: 20’

Can I build closer to the lake?

In some cases, you can conform to neighboring property setbacks, provided you aren’t within the shore or bluff impact zone (50% of OHWL setback and/or 20’ from bluff top).

When do I need a septic system inspection or permit?

When constructing a new bedroom or bathroom addition you will need a compliance inspection. When property is being sold or transferred, a point-of-sale compliance inspection must be completed. When constructing a new onsite septic system, a permit must be obtained prior to construction of septic system and/or new dwelling.