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Public Notice - Windemere Township 2020 Gravel Crushing Quotes


Notice is hereby given that the Windemere Town Board will receive sealed quotes per cubic yard for the crushing of 10,000 yards or more of class 5 gravel at the Windemere township pit.  Windemere township to supply the binder material.  Crushed gravel will be inspected and must contain a minimum of 6% content of binder material.

Also quote per cubic yard the screening of 2000 yards or more of screened sand at the Windemere township pit.

Also quote per cubic yard the crushing of 2000 yards more or less of recycled asphalt at the Windemere township pit.

Please list each pricing itemized separately on the same bid sheet and quote per cubic yard.

Quotes are to be sent Windemere Township in envelope marked “Gravel Crushing” and must be received at the address listed below no later than Friday June 5th, 2020.  Bids to be opened at a later town board meeting.  Windemere township is requesting that all quoted pricing be honored through December 31st, 2020.

A certificate of Workmen’s Comp Insurance and Liability must accompany the quote.  Windemere Township reserves the right to reject any or all quotes.

Contact Mike Buetow with any questions at (218) 380-0135.

Send quotes to :

Windemere Township

91546  Military Road / County Road 50

ATTN : Township Clerk, Scott Danelski

Sturgeon Lake, MN  55783