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Zoning Administrator
(320) 385-4409

Scott Beckman
Assistant to the Zoning Administrator
38307 Sunset Bay Road
(218) 390-1401

(Last updated on May 15, 2024)

ALERT: Windemere Township Camper/RV ordinance is being enforced. Please see both the FAQ and Relevant Documents sections, below, for more information.  

Welcome to the Windemere Township Zoning Department information page. The Zoning Department handles all matters related to the application of the 2015 Windemere Township Ordinance and is staffed by the Assistant to the Zoning Administrator, Scott Beckman.  

For assistance, including site visits, contact the Zoning Department via phone or text at 320-385-4409 or via email at zoning@windemeretownship.com.  

RV permit applications should be mailed to Scott Beckman at 38307 Sunset Bay Road, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota 55783.  All other permits and correspondence not related to RV's should be mailed to 91546 N Military Rd, Sturgeon Lake, MN, 55783. The 2015 Windemere Township Zoning Ordinance and a few of the more frequrently used form related to Windemere Township Zoning can be found below. 

In addition to admistering the zoning ordinance, the Zoning Office works closely with the Windemere Township Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment, both of which meet as scheduled at the Windemere Town Hall. All meetings are open to the public. Please see the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment tabs in the Planning and Zoning dropdown tab, or check the website calendar, for all future scheduled meeting dates. 

Please be sure to check out the forms and FAQ sections, below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windemere Township have a camper/RV ordinance?

Yes, Windemere Township does have a Camper/RV ordinance that has been in place since 1996.  All campers/RV's are subject to this ordinance, and may need to be permitted.  If you have questions regarding the status of your camper/RV, you can check out the 2024 Windemere Township Recreational Camping Vehicle Ordinance Enforcement document in the Relevant Documents section of this page, where you will also find the 2024 Application for Recreational Vehicle Zoning Permit.  You can also call or text Scott Beckman, Assistant to the Zoning Administrator, at 218-390-1401 or email him at Zoning@windemeretownship.com  

Does Windemere Township have a Non-conforming Lots ordinance?

Yes, Windemere Township does address Non-conforming Lots in the 2015 ordinance at Article IV - Non-conformities, Section 4, Non-conforming Lots.  This ordinance does require contiguous lots under common ownership at any time after the ordiance was adopted in 2004 to be legally combined and recorded as such prior to sale or develpement (including any structural development).   The ordinance langauge can be found on pages 62-65, and reads in relevant part: 

"2.  Lots of record in the office of the County Recorder on the date of enactment of local shoreland controls that do not meet the requirements of Article III-A, Sec. 2, may be allowed as building sites without variances from lot size requirements provided the use is permitted in the zoning district, the lot has been in seperate ownership from abutting lands at all times since it became substandard, was created compliant with official controls in effect at that time, and sewage treatment and setback requirements of the shoreland controls are met.  Necessary variances from setback requirements must be obtained before any use, sewage treatment system or building permits are issued for the lots.  In evaluating all the variances, boards of adjustment shall consider sewage treatment and water supply capabilities or constraints of the lots and shall deny the variances if adequate facilities cannot be provided.  If, in a group of two or more contiguous lots under the same ownership, any individual lot does not meet the requirements of Article III-A, Sec. 2, the lot must not be considered as a separate parcle of land for the purposes of sale or development.  The lot must be combined with the one or more contiguous lots so they equal one or more parcels of land, each meeting the requirements of Article III-A, Sec. 2, page 27, as much as possible." (emphasis added)  In other words, no zoning permits will be issued for improvements to non-conforming lots if the applicant owns or has owned other lots contiguous to the non-conforming lot since the updated ordinance was adopted, which occurred in 2004, if those lots are not at least 66% of the size and width at the building line of a conforming lot.  .